Ye Olde Book Shoppe

Port Luskan's library, book shop, and newsstand all in one, Ye Olde Book Shoppe is run by bard Alyra Moondancer, who publishes the port's newspaper, The Port Luskan Beat.

Back issues of the paper are available in the book shop. Volume I covers events from the founding of the paper (one year from the island's founding) until the islanders dispersed two years later. In the wake of that diaspora, Alyra published a new volume of the Beat covering events in the new community where she found herself - oddly enough, also named Port Luskan. The Beat was in hiatus after Alyra fled the second Port Luskan, but now that Luskanites are regrouping, she has manned the printer again for a third volume, and the Beat goes on.

In addition to editing the paper, Alyra is writing a history of the port. So far she has written one volume, detailing the early history of the community. Future volumes will be made available as they are completed.

The bookshop also houses various other works. Stop by and see what new books have arrived, or inquire about donating your own writings to the library.

The Port Luskan Beat

A History of Port Luskan

Historical Documents

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