The Bardic Circle

Welcome to the Port Luskan Bardic Circle, a gathering of bards and their audience to share songs, poems, stories, and other creative works.

Port Luskan has a rich heritage of bardcraft. The Port Luskan Bardic Guild, founded and headed by Alyra Moondancer, served as a training ground and meeting place for many talented bards on the original island. In addition to the circles, where anyone could be a "bard for a day," there were concerts and performances at almost every major event.

After the discovery of the Space Station and the subsequent arrival of the ships from the stars, several Port Luskanites were able to make use of the new technology to provide music from afar. These "broadcasts" could be heard by all islanders, wherever they might be.

Here we bring back the bardic circle of old, where all gather around the fire to offer their works and enjoy the performances of their friends. This is your stage. Whether your talent is in music, poetry, storytelling, or the visual arts, it is welcome here.

Songs and Poetry

Music and Dance


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